ESPN: BUTYRATES in the spotlights, as the key towards optimal Gastro-Intestinal Health










The 21st edition of ESPN took place in Spain and gathered more than 1600 participants. The program covered sessions on Feed Intake, Gastro-Intestinal Health, Precision Feeding, Optimized use of feed ingredients, Sustainability.

In almost all sessions, speakers referred directly or indirectly to the crucial role that Butyric acid and butyrate producing bacteria play in optimal performance and health.

Prof. Dr. Filip Van Immerseel from the Ghent University unraveled the role and unique mode of action of intestinal butyrate as anti-inflammatory and integrity agent, but also as signal molecule for entero-endocrine cells (producing GLP2) mediating more metabolic processes. Related to the different butyrate strategies, he stressed that chemical composition, place of release (coating) are key elements and that such info should be documented and provided by the respective suppliers.

During many short communications and posters, more nutritional and technological strategies were linked to the essential role of butyrates. Examples are : In Ovo feeding might favor initial colonization of butyrate producing bacteria; some degradation products from NSP-enzymes like AX and AXOS could have prebiotic effects towards butyric producers; Fibers like coarse wheat bran, XOS and oats might have similar prebiotic properties. Many probiotic products are now reviewed in respect to their eventual direct or indirect effect on some butyrate clusters.


Since 1998, Sanluc International have been pioneers in developing and producing high quality butyrates and have become the reference and market leader. More presentations at the congress found their basis in research work done by Sanluc international, at the Vet. Faculty of the University of Ghent, but also other Institutions. The GLOBAMAX range contains both coated and non coated options for various applications in animal production. Feel free to address to us for detailed information and advice.

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