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Nutritional alternatives for better gut health!
What are nutritional alternatives for a better gut health? Join the webinar on December 16th to find out more.
Recently, Sanluc participated in Nutriforum, the Spanish Animal Nutrition Conference in Lleida, together with his Spanish distributor Disproquima. Our R&D manager, Dr. Noémie Van Noten, was happy to give a presentation in the ruminants session about the use of coated calcium butyrate in calf...
On 25th of February, Sanluc International organized a ‘World Conference on Butyrate’ together with its American partners. This 60 minutes webinar, started with an introduction on butyrate and its modes of action by Dr. Noémie Van Noten, R&D manager at Sanluc International, followed by a summary...
Haemorrhagic bowel syndrome (HBS) has been described since 1959. The term is applied for a sporadically occurring disorder in fattening pigs, characterized by sudden death together with a pale carcass, severe abdominal distension and intense red coloration of the intestine. Generally, the affected...