World butyrate congress- 25 February 2021

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On 25th of February, Sanluc International organized a ‘World Conference on Butyrate’ together with its American partners. This 60 minutes webinar, started with an introduction on butyrate and its modes of action by Dr. Noémie Van Noten, R&D manager at Sanluc International, followed by a summary by Luc Goethals, the director of Sanluc International, about his 23 years of experience with calcium butyrate in different animal species.
In total 341 people registered for the webinar, showing that butyrate is still a hot topic these days. It was nice to see that we could reach people from all over the world. 

In the first part, Dr. Noémie Van Noten focused on the primary actions of butyrate as an energy source for the colonocytes, as a signaling molecule and as an epigenetic regulator. The interplay of these three actions induces the multiple beneficial effects of butyrate both inside and outside the gastro-intestinal tract, eventually resulting in improved performance and gut health of production animals. 
In the second part Mr. Luc Goethals went more in dept on how the use of coated calcium butyrate can lead to more efficient and more economic farming. From all animal species the return on investment (ROI) is the biggest in breeder hens and broilers. Depending on the continent, the ROI of using GBM Enhanced for boilers and breeders ranges between 1:5 and 1:10, due to an improvement of the DWG and FCR of broilers and a higher level of hatchability and fertility for breeders. 
In piglets the use of GBM Performant leads to better DWG and lower mortality. On top, it gives the animals a perfect start and creates a healthy and balanced intestine. Due to the broad mode of action of coated calcium butyrate, it is possible to economize on overlapping and disturbing additive. 

Our special thanks goes to our American partners Additiva, Aleris, Nutriplan and Pecuarius.