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Figan 2019
Looking forward welcoming you at our technical seminar and booth during this 14 th. International Animal Production Show.
Today, feed additives in general and additives extracted from plants in particular, get a lot of attention from researchers as a result of their holistic and broad spectrum efficacy. The same is valid for the tannins, widely distributed secondary metabolites in plants, playing a prominent role in...
Thank you to all our business contacts who visited us at our Sanluc booth last week during EuroTier! It was a great pleasure welcoming you. We from Sanluc International are excited to welcome you at our booth at EuroTier 2018. We are happy to share more information about our innovative products for...
Sanluc International had the pleasure to present a poster on 'Prevention of mycotoxicosis using mycotoxin detoxifiers in broilers' at the European Poultry Congress, recently organised in Dubrovnik. Based on the study-results, the researchers concluded the selected mycotoxin detoxifier SAN-Protect,...