SAN-Protect Plus

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SAN-Protect Plus

  • Adsorbs broad range of mycotoxins
  • Strong against DON & Zearalenone
  • Adsorbing endotoxins
  • No nutrient binding

Do not give mycotoxines a chance!

Mycotoxins are a genuine threat to the animal production. Systematic analysis programs show 80% or even up to 100% of the crops can be contaminated.

SAN-Protect Plus is a unique blend of hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicates (HSCAS) in combination with pyrolised charcoal, both showing toxin binding properties towards both polar and non-polar mycotoxins. 

SAN-Protect Plus is recommended if contamination levels of DON and/or ZEA are respectively above 2500ppb and 500ppb.