Sanluc International

Sanluc is a leader in the market of functional feed additives and pioneer in the development of calcium butyrate based products. Terms as animal health, nutrition, welfare and economic result are of paramount importance.
Caring for people and animals
Committed to quality and performance
Continuous learning and improvement

Our products

Products supporting the functionality of a healthy gut.

Formulating and producing healthy feed.

Preventing undesirable components in feed and drinking water

On farm applications improving the animal environment conditions.

About Sanluc

We are driven by the nutritional challenges from the animal feed industry. Through close and personal contact with customers and dealers, we know the needs and trends in the market and we develop optimal solutions of high quality.

We develop innovative products supporting gut health and animal performance resulting in noticeably better results in the livestock sector.

By the expertise of our own staff and in cooperation with universities and institutes, our products are highly scientifically based.

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